Injured Vegan Sad Face

Injured Vegan Sad Face

One of the most frustrating things we can deal with, is an injury. Especially when it limits our mobility and makes it difficult to cook a healthy vegan meal at home. This injured vegan is not swayed easily though. Vegan’s gotta eat!


Earlier this week I was jumping around getting totally into a class at my local gym when I landed on my left foot and felt a pop. The whole class stopped and the guy I was trying to impress was staring straight at me. He won’t be forgetting me in a hurry, for all of the wrong reasons! I haven’t been able to walk on the foot since.


Luckily I’m not in any great amount of pain when I stay off it, however it’s really impacting my ability to do basic things like cook.

Today I really wanted a warm comfort breakfast. It’s cold in Melbourne at the moment and I was really craving tasty hot carbs. Normally I’d go for toast and scrambled tofu but I’m out of bread and there’s no way I’m crutchering (is that a word? ha!) my way to the convenience store down the road. So, I settled for some boiled potatoes served parmigiana style!

I remember when I was a kid, boiled potatoes were a stable at my Nana and Nono’s house. Nana would serve them with olive oil, salt and pepper and usually some boiled beans too. The simple things really are the most delicious. I remember devouring them with reheated meatballs and other delicious Italian morsels. It was always so comforting knowing that whenever I went to my grandparents house there was great home cooked food in the fridge. You know, just in case someone popped over for a visit. It’s the Italian way!


Turns out I can still cut potatoes as an injured vegan, so this was pretty easy to prepare on one leg and a crutch (hold the “crutch” jokes… please :P). I quartered the potatoes and boiled them with the skin on until tender. Then drained, seasoned and covered them in some left over bruschetta salsa I had in the fridge. Topped with some vegan parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil they were totally tasty and satisfied that warm carb craving. If I’d have had some fresh parsley available, it would have been perfect scattered all over the top.

It was so good watching the latest Graham Norton Show (Cher and Christine Braranski, need I say more?) with these potatoes steaming up my lounge room windows. Being grateful for the simple things is hard when I’m in pain but it’s something I am getting better at.


Being injured isn’t fun and I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen properly. I also have a 4 week trip to Europe in 10 days which I really hope I can walk for. MRI results are in on Monday and I will know what I’m really dealing with. Until then I will have to find other simple things to cook with the ingredients I already have in the house. Wish me luck!

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