Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger

Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger

UPDATE: Hungry Jacks have now officially released the Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger across Australia and it’s even better than when I first ordered it. They now call it the Vegan Cheeseburger, and it’s delicious. The main change is that it now includes two veggie patties as standard (updated picture shown below). When I ordered a similar meal to the one I ordered back in June it was cheaper at only $12.50. Score. That included the burger with double patty, heavy mayo, heavy tomato sauce (I asked for these as usual with HJs burgers as I like ‘em juicyyyyy), large fries and a large drink. I was totally stoked. The ingredients were as fresh as I remember and the burger really filled me up. Totally happy!

Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger
Image: Hungry Jack’s Website

Previous Review of Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger from June

Last week Hungry Jacks announced a Vegan Burger trial happening in selected stores around Australia. This is welcome news as it was only last week I was removing ingredients from my veggie burger at Hungry Jacks wishing they had vegan cheese and mayo. Low and behold, they now do… for a limited time. The Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger is officially on menus in selected stores.

The Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger is an adaptation of their popular Veggie Whopper which comes standard with mayo and can have cheese added. The Vegan Burger comes with vegan mayo and cheese as standard.

I grabbed myself on at the Richmond store in Melbourne on Sunday 10th June. The girl behind the counter was incredibly friendly and even told me to let her know if anything wasn’t right as it is such a new addition to the menu. It may have also had something to do with the fact I asked for double veggie double cheese… because I’m a pig.

I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation and even more pleased with the fact it’s wrapped in paper. I’m so over those pesky burger boxes that everyone is doing for a couple of reasons:

  1. The burgers always end up messy as they just get thrown in the box
  2. Hands get messy when you ask for extra sauce like I do
  3. They take up more space in the bag and it’s more unnecessary high gloss packaging

Here’s what I got. A double Vegan Burger with double cheese, large fries and large Sprite.

Hungry Jack's Vegan Burger

All in all I was really happy with the burger. The ingredients seemed fresh to me and even with the double patty it wasn’t heavy for me. I would have liked it if the cheese was a bit more melted, but I’m not sure the veggie patties would be hot enough for that to happen and I guess the alternative is for them to microwave it for a bit and I’m not sure how I feel about that either. The mayo was tasty but it could have been a bit more prominent, so if I get it again I’ll be asking for heavy mayo.

The best part is that it’s the same price as a regular Whopper (minus the extra patty and cheese) which is really great to see. As vegans we are often paying a premium for our food so I loved knowing that I was getting good value for money. This meal was around $15 with the upgrade, the extra patty and the extra cheese.

Very satisfied burger eater here and hope they roll it out to all of their stores. Check the Facebook post for a list of their current availability as at the 11th of June 2018.

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