Schnitz Vegan Parma Review

Schnitz Vegan Parma Review

I’ve been hanging out to try the newish vegan schnitzel at Schnitz for a while and finally got there today to check it out. I’ve seen it on the menu and have been curious particularly about the Schnitz Vegan Parma. Here’s what I thought.

Schnitz Vegan Parma Review

The Good

What can I say. Hands down this is the best vegan parma I’ve had to date. Granted I haven’t tried many but even stacked up against ones I’ve made at home this is really really delicious. Some of the things I love about it:

  • The schnitzel is actually made from vegetables, not a meat substitute. This gives is a really moist and light texture. After eating it I didn’t feel weighed down at all. Delicious.
  • The cheese (still finding out which one they use) was really tasty and melted really well.
  • The portion size is actually really good given the price. It looks a little small on the plate but if you buy it on it’s own it’s under $10, so great value.
  • I got the parma, the chips and a 600ml drink for $17.70
  • It came out pretty quickly, I wasn’t waiting around for it which was great.

The vegetable schnitzel was so colourful and delicious. Here’s a couple of close ups.

Schnitz Vegan Parma

Schnitz Vegan Parma

I am so glad that they’ve used a vegetable schnitzel rather than heading down the mock meat path. The crispiness on the outside and gooeyness on the inside was perfect for me. I enjoyed every bite.

The chips tasted great and came in a generous large portion. I’m so over going to places and getting 8 chips on a plate. Well done Schnitz.

For the price it was, and with the service I got, I was really happy with the meal and would 100 percent recommend to anyone looking to take their non vegan friends out for dinner.

The Bad

The only thing I can really pick on is the burnt bits around the edges, but actually that resulted in some great crunchiness in my mouth, so I wasn’t really that dissatisfied.

There was only one other major problem… I wanted more. Perhaps about 20% bigger would have been perfect for me, although I am a big eater!

Going Back?

Absolutely. Next time I might get it in a wrap for something different but I can’t wait to get this in my mouth again!

2 thoughts on “Schnitz Vegan Parma Review”

  • Hi, I tried it after reading your review and agree it’s delicious! Did you find out which vegan cheese they use?

    • Hey there Noah. I’m not sure if they have changed it since I asked but when I did in January 2019, they said they used Bio Cheese. Glad you enjoyed it!

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