Vegan 7-Eleven Pie and Sausage Roll Review

Vegan 7-Eleven Pie and Sausage Roll Review

7-Eleven recently launched a new range of plant based vegan products including a pie, sausage roll and two different sandwiches. This week I review the vegan pie and vegan sausage roll, or as 7-Eleven call them, the No Meat Pie and the No Sausage Roll.

More pictures to come

I was in such a rush to film my first ever video review (see below) that I didn’t take many photos of the new vegan pie and vegan sausage roll from 7-Eleven. Or maybe I just needed an excuse to go back this weekend and buy more! I’ll upload more images to this post as soon as I have them.

Vegan 7-Eleven Pie Vegan 7-Eleven Sausage Roll Review

You can see from the picture I did take just how great these products look. Clearly plant based and marketed as “vegan friendly”, there’s no mistake that this is a cruelty free product.

I got these as soon as they came out of my local 7-Eleven oven. I live in South Yarra and the 7-Eleven on the corner of Wilson Street and Chapel Street always has stock of these great new vegan pies and vegan sausage rolls.

My first video review

I was really nervous filming my first ever vegan food review and have learnt a lot from the experience and feedback I’ve got so far. It’s a little long so I won’t be offended if you skip through to the good bits, but would love you to check out my first video review of the 7-Eleven Vegan Pie and Sausage Roll.

The 7-Eleven Vegan Pie (No Beef Pie)

I’ve had 4 of these pies since they were first released a month or so ago and every time I go for a bite, I am amazed at how much they taste and feel like a real meat pie. I’ve only been vegan for a couple of years so I feel like I can properly compare.

The first thing I notice is how good the pie feels in my hand. It’s got a sturdy pastry that is holding the pie shape and structure together really well. It’s nice and smooth on the base with a flaky top. I feel like it’s the perfect shade of gold for a nice puff pasty treat. The 7-Eleven vegan pie is a good size too.

The filling is really good too. The gravy is nice and thick and holds the goodness inside the pie. There’s nothing worse than taking a bite out of a pie and having the hot gravy ooze out onto your hand.

  • Golden firm pastry
  • Thick rich gravy
  • Chunks of plant based mince and onion
  • Tasty filling
  • Vegan
  • $4 with weekly specials too

The ingredients list is mainly made up of soy based plant mince, pastry, gravy, onions and textured soy protein.

The no meat pie must be eaten with tomato sauce or ketchup in my opinion. Whether you cover the top or lift the lid and put it inside, the acidity and sweetness of the tomato sauce is a core requirement when eating these new vegan pies.

I recently reviewed the Four’n’Twenty meat free pie and I have to say that the 7-Eleven one is much much better. And with a lot more locations selling it hot ready to eat around Australia, I reckon I know which one I’ll be buying next time I’m on the go.

The 7-Eleven Vegan Sausage Roll (No Sausage Roll)

I LOVE sausage rolls. I even make my own and have shared my vegan sausage roll recipe. But there’s something about store bought ‘servo’ sausage rolls that I really love. For those that aren’t Australian reading my blog, wondering what ‘servo’ is, Aussie abbreviation for “Service Station”. Service stations are where we go to fill our cars up with fuel (gas), and they nearly always have a pie warmer with hot pies and sausage rolls in them.

The 7-Eleven vegan sausage roll is a great size a beautifully golden pastry that flakes and falls off as you eat it. That’s how I remember a good sausage roll being. You literally need to brush crumbs off you after every bite, especially when you can’t wait to get home and you’re eating it in the car.

  • Golden crispy pastry
  • Nice generous size
  • Bready filling
  • Vegan
  • $4 with weekly specials

Some people love a gourmet sausage roll that’s very flavourful and has a moist fatty filling. I love that too. But these ‘servo’ sausage rolls are exactly how I remember a sausage roll being. The filling is a little dryer and has a bready feel but also a delicious onion flavour. That’s how I like my sausage rolls.

With a healthy dose of tomato sauce or ketchup, this sausage roll is so convincing that you could give it to a meat-eater and they would not know that it’s a vegan sausage roll. 7-Eleven have nailed this no sausage roll in my opinion.

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