Vegie Delights Savoury Mince

Vegie Delights Savoury Mince

After posting my bolognese recipe the other day I had some great questions from readers about alternatives to lentils. I remembered that Woolworths sell Vegie Delights Savoury Mince. The thing I love about Woolworths  is their growing range of vegan friendly products. Check out the Vegan category on their online store. Other major supermarkets have a way to go to catch up with Woolworths in the vegan movement.

Vegie Delights Savoury Mince
Image: Vegie Delights Website

Vegie Delights Savoury Mince is packed with flavour and nutrients and is perfect for bolognese, lasagne, shepherds pie, pies, Mexican mince dishes like tacos and more.

The mince is made from vegetable proteins including soy and is flavoured with great ingredients like tomato, onion, garlic and spices. It has only half the calories of regular beef mince at around 100 calories per 100 gram serving.

I made a quick and easy vegan bolognese sauce by:

  1. Cooking the mince as per pack instructions and removing from the saucepan,
  2. Browning an onion and 2 cloves of garlic,
  3. Adding a can of crushed tomatoes and a cup of beef stock (Massel is vegan),
  4. Then returning the mince with a teaspoon or dried oregano, a teaspoon of nutmeg,  half a teaspoon of salt and two small dried bayleaves, and
  5. Simmered it for 20 minutes or so.

A quick grind of pepper to taste topped it off.

Vegie Delights Savoury Mince Bolognese

The sauce has a really nice consistency which is a bit smoother than the beef bolognese sauces I used to make. The flavours of the mince were really nice and meaty too and I found myself going back to the pan to test it a lot (a great sign).

Served over some raw zoodles and topped with some vegan parmesan (I use Follow Your Heart), I was really pleased with the result and left feeling nice and full.

The price isn’t bad either at $17 per kilogram (at time of posting). Obviously not as cheap as regular beef mince but given the nutritional value and the fact it’s cruelty free, I’m more than ok with it.

The only negative is that I hate the excessive plastic packaging, but I’ve gotten used to rinsing the inner bags of these kinds of products out and brining them and the outer packaging to my local RedCycle bin for recycling. Check your area to see where they are available.

I’m looking forward to trying some other mince substitutes including the new  Funky Fields mince which was recently stocked by Woolworths. Unfortunately my local store ran out straight away so I have to keep going in to check if it’s available, but I’ve heard great things bout it

I highly recommend the Vegie Delights mince and look forward to giving it a try in some tacos next Tuesday. Taco Tuesday at mine? Sounds good!


Note: I was not paid for this review. I only review products I have actually used, tasted or cooked with.

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  • I find nut meat to be the best mince substitute… that is until I tried the Fields Mince from Woolworths tonight. Amazing!! Quorn and Vegie Delights mince leaves me cold. Too mushy.

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