My New Pawtle Project

My New Pawtle Project

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared recipes. The main reason for that is that I’ve been working on a new venture!

Pawtle is an indoor privacy curtain that creates privacy for you and a pet door for them. It’s a simple product that I came up with when I moved into a share house with my cats. Winter and Summer HATE closed doors and were starting to destroy the carpets if they ever came up against one. Pawtle helps to solve that problem.

It’s super simple to install and uses adhesive magnets that attach to the door and door frame. The curtain hangs on the magnets and when the door is pulled open, it falls back to the door, staying connected to the top magnet.

We use quality fabrics and they are hand made here in Melbourne, and so far people are responding well to the new product. In the first few weeks of sales I’ve sent Pawtles to all corners of Australia and had some great feedback.

Thanks for your patience while I focus on this new idea. I do want to get back to cooking and photographing food soon, so watch this space.

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