The Ravenous Vegan

Hi there. I’m Andrew. I’m a perfectly imperfect human and The Ravenous Flexitarian.

My journey to flexitarianism has been a long and turbulent one. I’ve attempted vegetarianism, veganism and now finally feel most at home living a flexitarian¬†lifestyle. There are a few reasons why veganism didn’t quite stick for me, but the main one was that it just didn’t feel right. Not only in my body, but in my mind, too.

My focus now is on reducing my impact wherever possible with the full knowledge and acceptance that I can never be perfect. When I do buy and eat meat I try to make choices that reflect my values. I buy free range, organic or biodynamic where possible. I try to learn about the life that the animal had and I’m always finding ways to reduce my meat consumption.

This blog is about finding the balance between plant based and traditional eating. I hope that those who want to incorporate less meat into their diet can find some helpful ideas here.

Food Photography

I’ve more recently started focussing on my food photography, too. All of the photos on my blog are taken by me unless they are credited directly below. I love getting behind the camera and hope to also work photography into my future career goals.

Stick Around

This blog explores my recipes, photos, thoughts, reviews and travels when it comes to a flexitarian lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it!