Vegan Berlin

Vegan Berlin

Day 7 of my European adventure brings me to Berlin. When I booked the holiday I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Germany. I kept taking it off and putting it back on my itinerary. A friend of mine who has lived here really recommended that I go, and I was intrigued to find out what vegan Berlin was like. So I bit the bullet and kept it on the list.

I’ve since learned that Berlin is the vegan capital of Europe, with a huge variety of options available in many different Berlin areas. I stayed in the Neukölln area, so most of my adventures centre there. The area was quite diverse with some very distinct differences from block to block. There are plenty of parks, corner stores and bicycle riders adorning the streets and it felt very family friendly to me. I had been told it was very gay friendly and my friend who lived in Berlin actually had a place only one street away from where I was staying, so I got heaps of local tips from him.

Here are some of the food highlights (and one lowlight) from my time in Berlin.

Pêle-Mêle Cafe Berlin

Pêle-Mêle Cafe Berlin is a small cafe not far from where I was staying. It was cosy and had a decent number of food, drink and dessert options providing you’re happy with sandwiches, burgers, bagels and salads. The service was relatively friendly and pretty quick. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was the price, after comparing to other places around Berlin they are definitely on the more expensive side.

I got a burger, wedges, salad, drink and dessert for €26.The burger was really moist and tasty and the wedges were OK for flavour. Unfortunately the wedges were a bit softer than I am usually used to, but perhaps that’s how the German’s like their wedges. I love some firmness and crunch when it comes to chips and wedges. There also weren’t many wedges considering the €3.2 price point. It’s lucky I ordered as much as I did 😉 The salad was tasty and the raspberry “cheese”cake I had for dessert was really good. All in all, pretty happy with the feed.

If you want to check them out, they are at Innstrasse 26, Berlin, Germany, 12043.

Pele Mele Vegan Burger

Let It Be Cafe

Later that night I was feeling peckish again so I popped around the corner to Let It Be Cafe, a vegan crêperie that also does burgers and other yummy goodies. Another small cosy place with seating inside and out. I had a window seat looking out onto the street watching the world go by.

I couldn’t go past a sweet crepe to satisfy my late evening craving so I opted for the Alicia Silverstone, a banana and chocolate-spread double crepe. Oh, my, god. Delicious is an understatement and it was at that moment that I really wished I had another person with me to help me eat it. It was huge. And at only €5.6 it was great value for money. The whole menu is creative and thoughtful and I highly recommend a trip there. I was wanting to go back for a burger but I ran out of time, I will have to do it next time I’m in Berlin.

If you want to check them out they are at Treptower Str. 90, Berlin, Germany, 12059

Vegan Banana Chocolate Crepe

LAB Kitchen

After a couple of hours soaking up the sun at Badeschiff, a beautiful pool/bath on the river, I found myself at LAB Kitchen, a small cafe inside the Adidas Runbase complex on Schleusenufer. The cafe is extremely modern with a relaxed healthy vibe. Great concrete tables and lush plants everywhere, it was extremely inviting. I sat and ate my lunch whilst watching some young guys do some high intensity interval training just outside. Well worth a look if you’re in the area.

I grabbed the special of the day, a vegan Calzone. Now it wasn’t your usual calzone and more resembled an open pie to me. It had a crunchy puff pastry base and was totally delicious, and has given me some great ideas for open vegan pies when I get home. The filling was mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli and a vegan béchamel. I loved the taste and textures and it was worth the wait as they obviously had to bake this pie base. Served with a drizzle of pesto and some greens, it went down a treat with the toxic ginger shot that was recommended to me by the guy behind the counter.

From memory the food and two drinks was around €15 which isn’t too bad I guess for something so filling and scrumptious.

Vegan Calzone

LAB Kitchen Drinks


I won’t spend too much time on this one. I had a drink and some nachos which were available in a vegan option with just the bean salsa and avocado. They were the perfect beer accompaniment.

If you feel like spending some time in a Berlin biergarten and want one with at least a vegan option, this is something you can consider. Klunkerkranich has great views of the city and is located in the old carpark above Neuköllln Arcaden.

Take the lift to level 4 and then wind your way up to the bar.

YoYo Foodworld

This place seems to be a vegan haven and has a huge menu that’s very well priced. It was busy even early when I got there so obviously a local favourite. The cafe is a little further away fro where I was staying but after reading about it online I knew I had to try. What I loved was the portion sizes and the prices, it was very good value for money. What I didn’t like was the flavour. I found the “meat”balls and the currywurst really dry and flavourless, even with the copious amounts of sauce they smothered it with. The sweet potato fries weren’t anything to rave about either.

The calamari wasn’t bad and the salads were good, and I loved sitting outside watching the world go by, but I’m quickly realising that most mock meats just don’t hit the mark for me and leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. I will definitely go back and try some of their burgers, but this meal didn’t cut it I’m afraid.

yoyo foodoworld

So there you have a few of my key takeouts from Berlin. There would have been more if it weren’t for the midweek party night I had which resulted in writing the whole next day off, but that’s the great thing about holidays, you don’t really have anywhere to be and can just go with the flow.

Next stop… Venice.

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